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Equity release could enable you to access tax-free cash without having to move home. Call 0800 077 6885 to request your FREE, impartial guide to equity release.

As independent advisors the Equity Release Information Centre will explain how the process works and make sure that you understand the risks and benefits. Its really important as there is such a wide range of providers and plans available that without professional guidance you could miss out on thousands of extra pounds by choosing the wrong one.

Speak to one of the Equity Release Information Centre’s advisors who will offer you a FREE, no obligation consultation with no pressure or stress. The advisor will talk through your personal circumstances with you so that they understand exactly what your needs and objectives are. They will then use this information to search the whole equity release market to find the product that most suits you. Equity release isn’t right for everybody and it may be that they suggest you explore alternative solutions.

All the advisors specialise in equity release plans, are fully qualified and are members of the Equity Release Council. Your personal advisor will guide you through the whole equity release process from initial enquiry to receiving your funds.

You’ll receive a Personal Recommendation pack through the post with full details of the plan(s) that your advisor recommends including their reasons. They will then arrange the best time to talk through the documents together with you and answer any questions you might have.

We only recommend plans that come with safeguards which ensure that you (and anyone else named in the agreement) will have legally guaranteed occupancy of your home for the rest of your life.

We leave you in peace to consider our recommendation and make your decision. We suggest that if you have close family you discuss our recommendations with them. Your decision may affect their inheritance or the support you give them now.

At this point you have incurred no costs and you can choose not to go ahead without any penalty.

If you wish to go ahead with the plan sign and return the application form. Your advisor will get to work on your behalf to approach the lender and get the agreement in place.

An independent survey will be needed on your property to find out the exact valuation. We will help co-ordinate this between you and the lender. This will be used by the lender to formulate your Equity Release offer.

You will need to choose a solicitor to act on your behalf, they will advise you on the legal aspects of the process and will make sure all the legal requirements are met. You may wish to use your own or you can select one of our recommended specialists, who can progress the work quickly and who are often cheaper.

Approximately 6 – 8 weeks after submitting your application, your plan should complete and the money paid directly into your account, or by cheque, from the solicitor. The solicitor will take out any set-up fees owing from the amount released.

You can use the funds from your equity release plan for whatever you wish. So long as it is legal!

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